Patent Validity

Fusion Engineering’s patent experts have extensive experience in analyzing questions of patent validity.  Our staff can assist in prior art searches and perform validity analysis of patent claims based on obviousness, anticipation, enablement, and specification support.  Our patent experts are familiar with the importance of KSR v. Teleflex in the questions of obviousness.

Patent Validity Analysts

Where necessary, Fusion Engineering scientists, engineers, and technicians can build custom models and simulations to explore combinations of prior art references to make technical inferences regarding questions of obviousness and novelty. Fusion Engineering’s staff is also experienced at analyzing secondary considerations such as commercial success, long-felt but unsolved needs, failure of others and unexpected results. Our patent experts understand the importance of priority dates and reduction to practice, both actual and constructive. Our patent experts can also provide technical support if your patent is subjected to re-examination by the patent office.

Fusion Engineering’s patent experts have worked for inventors, plaintiffs, and defendants when analyzing questions of validity. Our multi-disciplinary team has expertise in a wide variety of subject matters including mechanical systems, materials engineering, chemical processes, pharmaceuticals, industrial/manufacturing processes, and product design.