Trucks & Trailers

Americans rely on the trucking industry to deliver almost every necessity for life. Regulatory changes and advances in technology over the past 20 years have turned modern trucks into complex machines. Fusion Engineering has vast experience in the design, manufacturer and performance of all truck and trailer systems and components. They are also familiar with the pertinent federal regulations as well as modern maintenance practices. 

Trucks & Trailer Accident Analysts

Trucks and Trailer

Many heavy trucks accumulate more than 100,000 miles per year while towing cargo laden trailers. The high mileage combined with the heavy loads means that risk for a severe accident is high. It is incumbent upon manufacturers and fleets to design and maintain these vehicles to achieve maximum safety and reliability. Fusion Engineering’s professional staff has provided design engineering analysis to many American and foreign truck manufacturers as well as assisted with truck and bus fleets maintenance related issues.

Our team of engineers has analyzed everything from fractured steering components to the intricacies of modern self-shifting truck transmissions. 

Some of our representative experience includes:

  • Wheel bearing failure analysis
  • Brake system testing and analysis
  • Engine failure analysis
  • Visibility analysis
  • Truck fires
  • Driveline analysis
  • Transmission analysis
  • Electronic component analysis
  • Steering analysis
  • Wheels testing and analysis
  • Tires testing and analysis