thomas-bundorfThomas Bundorf

Mr. Bundorf has extensive experience in application of science and technology to provide results and solutions to a variety of problems for a multi-disciplinary consulting engineering firm and their clients. Mr. Bundorf specializes in field measurement using FARO laser scanners and Leica surveying instruments, subsequent post-processing of point clouds, development of surface models and 3D geometry, and visualization using FARO Scene, PolyWorks, PoinTools, AutoCAD and Rhinoceros. He possesses extensive experience in graphical and analytical close range photogrammetric analysis and extraction of dimensional data from single and multiple image sets using AutoCAD and PhotoModeler Pro, has testified in deposition and at trial as an expert witness concerning photogrammetric analysis and dimensional data extracted from a variety of imagery.

Mr. Bundorf maintains laboratory and field experience in transducer preparation and calibration, signal conditioning, measurement, acquisition and analysis of acceleration, force, temperature, pressure, strain, and displacement data. He utilizes maintenance, preparation and instrumentation of Hybrid III anthropomorphic test devices for use in both static and dynamic demonstrations and has extensive experience in automobile, motorcycle, off-road vehicle, material handling equipment and component testing involving preparation, fixturing, instrumentation, operation, data acquisition, and analysis. Mr. Bundorf has experience in monitoring and capturing automotive and truck controller area network data using CANalyzer Pro with Option J1939 and has performed numerous inspections and procured documentation of subject and exemplary vehicles, equipment, structures and accident sites. He has vehicular accident reconstruction and simulation with HVE-3D.