Structural Fires

Fusion Engineering's highly experienced professionals are leaders in structural fire investigations. Our investigators examine and analyze the physical evidence, including fire patterns, ignition sources, material properties, and overall scene attributes, to determine the cause and origin of the structural fire. Whether they are investigating a small appliance fire or a large industrial explosion, our fire investigators utilize the scientific method and industry best practices to reach superior insights while strictly adhering to NFPA guidelines and standards.

Engineering Support

Determining the cause and origin of a fire is often a complex process. Fusion's fire investigators are backed by a team of professional engineers to assist in the investigation at any stage.  Fusion’s engineers have experience in mechanical engineering, metallurgical engineering, electrical engineering, and computation fluid dynamics to address complex inquiries such as ignition potential, arcing patterns, and fire progression. Through diligent analyses, Fusion Engineering’s professionals often discover that that cause and origin opinions expressed by other investigators are oversimplified and incorrect.

Capturing the Evidence

Fusion Engineering's team of fire investigators utilize state of the art equipment and innovative tools to capture and preserve scene evidence for future analysis and investigation. This includes 3D laser scanning and access to aerial drone documentation of the scene to preserve the condition of the structure following the fire event. Our investigators are trained in evidence collection and preservation.

Evidence Storage Services

Fusion Engineering follows the ASTM standards for collecting, receiving, documenting, obtaining, retrieving and storage of artifacts. This includes physical evidence labeling and related documentation. We provide full chain-of-custody documentation for each artifact.

Evidence collected by Fusion Engineering is stored in a temperature-controlled, controlled-access facility with continuous video surveillance. When it is necessary to examine the evidence, Fusion Engineering has on-site inspection areas large enough to host multi-party inspections or teardowns. With our artifact storage facility located in close geographic proximity to our inspection areas, efficiency of artifact retrieval for inspection is optimized.