Railroad grade crossing accidents typically result in catastrophic injuries and fatalities to operators of highway vehicles and pedestrians.  Fusion Engineering serves numerous railroads in the documentation and investigation of grade crossing accidents.  Our rapid response teams are ready to meet the needs of clients who require thorough scene documentation of grade crossing accident.  We employ specialized equipment including total station survey equipment, laser scanners, and drone based aerial photography to capture and preserve critical evidence.

Railroad Accident Analysts

Our engineers also have extensive backgrounds in reviewing and analyzing locomotive event data recorder (EDR) and track image recorder (TIR) images.  We utilize sophisticated photogrammetry techniques to analyze EDR and TIR data along with scene evidence to reconstruct the speed, movement, and positions of the various vehicles and equipment involved.  This information is also used to analyze and determine other issues including sight lines, conspicuity, and perception – reaction.

Fusion Engineering’s background and experience in mechanical engineering and material science provide us with the ability to analyze issues and accidents involving railroad track maintenance equipment and other support equipment.  We have participated in the analysis of railroad equipment in FELA and other personal injury matters.