Engineering Consultants & Scientific Professionals

Fusion Engineering’s multi-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers are recognized nationwide for their breadth and depth of knowledge. With decades of experience in engineering consulting and industry, our team has the technical expertise to assist with a vast array of scientific and engineering needs. Our team consists of scientists and engineers, nearly all with graduate-level education in their respective fields, and includes former and current faculty at respected educational institutions such as University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Northwestern University. All eligible engineers of the Fusion Engineering staff are professionally licensed. Our credentials include dozens of peer-reviewed publications and presentations, multiple patents, and membership on several technical committees.

Our multi-disciplinary approach allows us to handle many different aspects of a project, and our professional staff is supported by knowledgeable, well-respected technicians with decades of experience in data acquisition and analysis, instrumentation, scene documentation, and building custom fixtures.

Fusion's Engineering staff would love to get to know you and assist with your needs.