Materials & Metallurgy Analysis

Metallurgical and Materials engineering is geared towards resolving the questions of why and how materials, components, and systems break down. Today’s increasingly advanced materials open the door for improved and more reliable technology and products. Fusion Engineering has the expertise to assist industries in tapping into the unlimited potential for innovation and design with materials science.

Materials & Metallurgy Investigation

Many times an accident occurs because a material breaks. A small crack invisible to the naked eye can have catastrophic consequences. Our materials engineers possess the capabilities to determine whether a given failure was due to the application of extraordinary forces, improper design, selection of the wrong materials, presence of an environmental factor, or the result of a material flaw. Fusion Engineering possesses the critical knowledge needed to analyze why and how a material failure contributes to an accident.

Materials & Metallurgy Science Experts

Understanding the characteristics of materials is vitally important to be able to make materials more reliable and useful to society. Our engineers’ knowledge of a material’s physical, chemical, and mechanical properties allows them to determine if the material will meet specified challenges. Clients from the telecommunications, steel and foundry, transportation, manufacturing, and utility industries often rely on us to provide expert testing and analysis of materials.