Machine Guarding Failure Analysis

Machinery is used in almost every industry to make, assemble, modify and produce products, components or materials.  Humans must interface and work with these machines to produce the product and/or to maintain the machine.  Machine safety is an important consideration in the design of machinery.  Fusion Engineering provides accident investigation and accident prevention and machine guarding failure analysis services related to machinery safety.  

Machine Guarding Services & Solutions

We understand that working around heavy machinery can put your workers at a potential high risk for serious injuries. Our machine guarding services ensure that you meet the responsibilities of keeping your workforce safe by preventing accidents and keeping your machines in compliance.  What does this mean to your business?

  • Avoid fines
  • Prevents injuries
  • Decrease medical and insurance costs
  • Make sure that you adhere to government and industry standards

Machine Safety Services include:

  • Product design consultation
  • Machine safeguarding services
  • Lock-out tag-out (LOTO) Services
  • Machine maintenance
  • Machine safety & operator training
  • Machine safety assessments

Machine Safeguarding Services & Safety Assessments

We work very close to machinery manufacturers and users to machine guarding analysis for specific machines and processes to implement safeguarding equipment that complies with current industry standards. Our machine guarding consultants are detailed in their recommendations and a thorough report will be provided to you for prioritization. Machine guarding issues are one of the most reported on in the industrial and manufacturing space and need to eliminated to prevent injuries and keep your employees happy and productive.

Lock-out Tag-out (LOTO) Services

We have the capabilities to consult on LOTO of lock-out tag-out which is a safety procedure that ensures that if maintenance or service work is being conducted a machine is completely shut down and will not be able to start up. We will look at different energy sources and make sure that harmful energy sources are isolated and are unable to be used. The energy point is then locked and tagged with the name of the worker who placed it there. Only that worker will be able to turn the machine back on.

Machine Safety Training

Our team of experts has the knowledge base to guide you in implementing a program that can help manage risk and to keep you workers safe and informed. This will lead to fewer accidents and increased production.

We have evaluated a wide variety of machines used in many different industries.  These include power presses, conveyors, food and material processing equipment, and other manufacturing related machines.  Our engineers consult with machinery manufacturers and users to assist them with implementing safeguarding equipment and procedures to minimize the potential for injuries to workers.  Fusion Engineers are well versed in workplace safety principles and hazard recognition and are knowledgeable in governmental and industry standards for a wide variety of machines used in various industries such as:

  • Mechanical power presses
  • Woodworking and metalworking machines
  • Conveyors and other material handling equipment
  • Agricultural and landscaping equipment
  • Scrap metal processing and waste handling equipment
  • Mining and construction material processing equipment
  • Earth moving equipment and machinery