kevin-jonesKevin Jones

Kevin Jones is a licensed professional engineer in the Mechanics and Materials group at Fusion Engineering, LLC. Mr. Jones specializes in the failure analysis of engineering systems by combining his expertise in metallurgical engineering, materials science, and mechanical engineering. Mr. Jones is a highly experienced materials engineer and accident investigator who has examined product failures involving transportation equipment, cranes, power and process equipment, consumer products and medical devices. Mr. Jones applies his education and experience in the analysis of failed components and systems to solve complex problems.

Mr. Jones has extensive experience examining the physical and chemical properties of engineering materials, and evaluating the performance of these under stress, corrosive environments, and temperature. Mr. Jones applies his materials, corrosion, and forensic science skills to solve complex problems related to the fields of materials science and mechanical engineering. He has extensive experience dealing with fatigue, deformation and fracture of materials, fractography, welding and joining, mechanical testing, and all aspects of corrosion as related to chemical and power plant components, construction industry, plumbing and piping, welds and brazing, and consumer products.