james-salmonJames Salmon

Dr. James Salmon is a Principal Engineer in the Mechanical group at Fusion Engineering. He has more than thirty years of experience as an engineer, including projects in which he has designed, analyzed, tested, and manufactured systems for military ships, military aircraft, and civilian vehicles. Dr. Salmon has experience in research and preliminary design developing state-of-the-art weapons systems for the United States Air Force and Navy and conceptual vehicle systems for a North American automobile manufacturer. For part of his career he operated as a quality specialist and in a management capacity in a North American automotive manufacturing facility, giving him an understanding of, and appreciation for, complex high speed manufacturing and assembly.

Dr. Salmon has experience in all stages of the product development process, including research, design, analysis, test, and manufacturing in several distinctly different industries. He specializes in the investigation and analysis of consumer, military, and industrial products and systems in the transportation, industrial, and manufacturing environments. Dr. Salmon examines concerns relating to the mechanical design of parts, assemblies or systems, evaluating the real world performance of products. He has consulted and assisted companies with the design, analysis, and test of their products and systems. He has experience in the analysis of product trade secrets and has over 10 years of experience in product reverse engineering and the evaluation of reverse engineering activities. Dr. Salmon has significant expertise in the analysis of product and system quality and manufacturing facility quality control.