Human Factors 

Human factors and ergonomics is a scientific discipline dedicated to understanding the capabilities and limitations of people. This understanding plays a critical role in evaluating how people interact with products, processes, and systems in their environment. Human factors and ergonomics also considers how people perceive and respond to safety signage, labels, instructions, manuals, product documentation, and roadway work zones. 

Fusion Engineering’s human factors and ergonomics experts employ applicable standards, principles, methods, and data to determine how physical limitations and cognitive contributions of human error contribute to accidents and injuries. Fusion’s human factors and ergonomics team provides consultation services for transportation equipment, industrial and occupational equipment and processes, and consumer and commercial products. We apply human factors and ergonomics analysis from a wide variety of perspectives, including accident investigations, product safety, and product usability.

 Fusion human factors and ergonomics services include but are not limited to:


Product and Work Site Safety

Accident Investigations