Robert-GiachettiGary Osterholt

Mr. Gary D. Osterholt is a Director of Mechanical Engineering at Fusion Engineering, LLC., and has nearly 20 years of engineering consulting experience. Mr. Osterholt’s practice focuses primarily on vehicle accident reconstruction investigation, mechanical evaluation, and failure analysis related to motor vehicles and machinery. He has extensive education, training, and experience in vehicular accident reconstruction, vehicle dynamics, occupant kinematics, vehicle simulations, mechanical engineering,  failure analysis, products analysis, photogrammetric analysis, and site mapping using laser scanner, LiDAR scanner, and drones. In addition, his areas of expertise include automobile racing and small recreational vehicles, such as ATVs and go-karts. 

He has completed vehicular accident reconstruction analyses for all types of vehicles, including passenger vehicles, commercial tractors/trailers, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrian accidents. He is trained and certified to download and analyze event data recorder information from passenger and commercial vehicles.