Forklifts & Powered Industrial Equipment

Forklifts and other material handling equipment are used in thousands of warehouses and distribution centers throughout the country and serve an integral role in the movement of goods and materials. Fusion Engineering has over 35 years of experience in investigating and analyzing forklift accidents as well as evaluating the design of powered industrial trucks and other material handling equipment. Our engineers consult with numerous manufacturers, users, and dealers to assist them in understanding the causes of forklift accidents by analyzing the design of the lift truck, the warehouse environment, as well as the training and experience of the operator.Proper maintenance also plays a role in preventing these industrial accidents.

Industrial Equipment Accident Analysts

Fusion Engineers have conducted a wide variety of testing of forklifts to assess design alternatives, determine conformance with industry standards and to assist with the reconstruction of accidents. Our engineers also have extensive experience and knowledge in forklift design and participate in developing consensus standards by serving on ITSDF committees. Many of our engineers and technicians are trained and certified operators consistent with OSHA regulations. 

Our experience includes many types of forklifts and powered industrial equipment including sit-down counterbalance, reach, walkie-rider and order picker type industrial trucks. We also have experience with AGVs, rough terrain forklifts and other material handling equipment including conveyors. Our team also brings extensive experience to the investigation and analysis of loading dock accidents and other incidents caused by falling or shifting loads and cargo. We have a working knowledge of industry standards and OSHA regulations regarding trailer and load securement.