Finite Element Analysis

Finite element analysis is an important engineering tool for stress analysis, fracture and fatigue analysis, and design analysis of various structures. Finite element analysis breaks larger, more complex structures into smaller, bite-sized pieces, which are fed into a computational solver to determine such information as the deformation, stress, and temperature throughout the structure being evaluated. Analysis can include complex structures, nearly any material, and a wide variety of loading conditions. This tool can be used for optimizing designs up front during the initial design process, evaluating existing designs against new engineering standards or performance requirements, or performing root-cause analysis in the wake of a failure. Fusion Engineering has leading experts who utilize state-of-the-art finite element analysis software to analyze a wide range of problems. Our experts also teach finite element analysis to university students and provide seminars to design engineers. Fusion Engineering is equipped to handle your finite element analysis needs, whether you are looking for a quick analysis of a simple component, or a detailed, iterative analysis of a complex system

Representative past projects include:

  • Stress analysis of automotive and machinery components

  • Vehicle crashworthiness analysis

  • Pressure vessel explosions

  • Fracture and fatigue analysis of bolted joints

  • Buckling and collapse analysis of large crane boom structures

  • Vibration analysis of aerospace and automotive structures

  • Evaluation of numerous materials, including metals (steel, aluminum, brass, etc.), rubbers and plastics, glass, composites, and soil