Robert-GiachettiElise Kaisergruber

Dr. Elise Kaisergruber, Senior Scientist at Fusion Engineering, LLC, is an accomplished professional with extensive expertise in polymer science, organic chemistry, and material characterization. Her work focuses on failure analysis of polymer materials where she applies her in-depth knowledge to identify, diagnose, and address issues in material performance. This involves detailed investigations into the causes of material failures, understanding the underlying mechanisms, and developing solutions to enhance material reliability and performance in various applications.

Prior to Fusion Engineering, Dr. Kaisergruber managed projects in the plastics and foam manufacturing industry for packaging, technical parts, plastic assemblies, healthcare plastics, and polyurethane foam products. Dr. Kaisergruber holds a Ph.D. in Technical Sciences from Technical University of Vienna, specializing in Two‑Photon Polymerization of biomaterials. She also earned a M.S. from Technical University of Vienna, developing 3D scaffolds for Tissue Engineering applications, and a B.S. from Technical University of Vienna, with a focus on Debonding on Demand for dental restoratives.