christopher-eikeyChris Eikey

Chris Eikey is a Senior Consultant in the Mechanical group at Fusion Engineering. Mr. Eikey joined Fusion Engineering after more than 23 years working in the automotive industry for a North American automobile manufacturer. He held various engineering positions with responsibilities in product testing, product design and development, and analysis and investigations relating to product performance as used by consumers. Mr. Eikey has a broad background in automotive engineering involving all stages of the product development cycle, including evaluation and investigation of the real-world performance and the associated safety of various products.


Mr. Eikey is experienced in the testing and analysis of complex mechanical and electromechanical systems and the interactions between systems to evaluate their performance in real-world scenarios. Mr. Eikey has conducted benchmarking studies to establish state-of-the-art of the designs of competing products. He is experienced in designing and conducting customized and standardized tests of different systems to evaluate their performance. He is experienced in forensic product and site inspections, including experience downloading and analyzing vehicle event data recorders, scanning and analyzing vehicle diagnostics, and analyzing other vehicle control module data.