Chemistry is the study of composition, structure, properties, and changes in matter. Understanding how matter interacts can explain causes of fires, material failures, and effects on human health, to name just a few topics. Fusion Engineering has a talented group of consultants with backgrounds in chemistry, metallurgy, and materials science, which provides a diverse knowledge base to investigate issues starting at the atomic and molecular level.

We have used our knowledge of the chemical sciences to assist clients on matters of industrial research and development, product defect litigation, intellectual property disputes, and accident causation, among others. Materials compatibility is another commonly encountered issue in which materials such as plastics and polymers are found to interact unfavorably with chemical compounds present in the environment or in a process, leading to premature material failure, for example.

Fusion Engineering uses state of the art chemical analysis techniques to probe materials and determine concentrations and identities of chemical constituents. Testing various physical properties helps to understand the role chemicals and compounds may have had in processes. We have the expertise to determine which testing is necessary, find a source to perform the testing if it cannot be done in-house, and interpret the results.