Fusion Engineering's staff possess the educational background and years of practical experience to cover a variety of practice areas, such as automotive, aviation, chemical sciences, electrical and electronics, fires and explosives, intellectual property, machinery, metals and metallurgy, and mechanical engineering and engineering mechanics. Our team of forensic engineers has the scientific expertise necessary to determine cause and able to recreate, investigate, and analyze all aspects of a wide variety of projects including fire-related investigations and building litigation.

In addition to the areas described in detail, we have amassed a broad database of experts from other practice areas that can be provided as referrals.

Automotive & Vehicle Accident Analysis

The engineers and scientists at Fusion Engineering have investigated thousands of accidents involving various types of motorized vehicles.

Electrical and Electronics

Our engineers, scientists, and technicians have investigated losses related to a vast array of electrical issues.

Finite Element Analysis & Stress Analysis

Fusion Engineering has leading engineers who utilize state of the art finite element analysis software to perform analysis of complex structural problems. Contact us!

Fire and Explosion Investigations

Depending on their size, fires and explosions can require a vast array of technical expertise and experience.

Intellectual Property

Fusion Engineering has a multi-disciplinary staff with a vast array of experience in providing technical assistance in intellectual property matters.


Machinery is used in almost every industry to make, assemble, modify and produce products, components or materials.

Materials & Metallurgy

Metallurgical and Materials engineering is geared towards resolving the questions of why and how materials, components, and systems fail.

Mechanical Engineering & Engineering Mechanics

Mechanical engineering is the discipline of engineering that applies engineering principles to the design of machinery for the generation and distribution of power.

Transportation Equipment

Our team of experienced engineers and scientists have an intimate understanding of how transportation machines function and can assist with nearly any aspect of the equipment.