Biomechanics and kinesiology are the study of the movement and function of biological systems using mechanical principles. Humans continuously interact in a complex environment, often with various equipment and machinery. Understanding human movement, strength, anatomy and injury potential provides powerful insights into virtually any analysis from equipment design to accident reconstruction, or anything in between.

Fusion Engineering’s biomechanists and kinesiologists leverage their knowledge and expertise to assess a wide variety of topics including occupant and pedestrian injuries during vehicle collisions; injury potential and stresses induced on the body during trips, slips, falls and jumps; injuries sustained during industrial accidents; overuse and traumatic injury in the workplace; and workers’ compensation claims analysis.

Biomechanics provides the basis for evaluating the plausibility of an individual’s claimed mechanism of injury via review of medical records, documented injury locale evidence, and narratives provided by the individual and witnesses. Biomechanics and kinesiology also apply when analyzing equipment design with respect to the anticipated human interaction, including industrial equipment, exercise equipment, or sporting equipment.

In a complex world, Fusion Engineering’s multidisciplinary team allows for the analysis of all aspects of an incident or design – including the human, equipment, and the environment - in a synergistic manner.