Aviation Ground Service Equipment

Millions of airline passengers and tons of air freight would be grounded if not for the support provided by ground service equipment at our nation’s airports. Baggage tugs and carts move thousands of pieces of luggage and cargo every day. Catering trucks, fuel trucks and lavatory service trucks respond to almost every arriving aircraft. Push back tugs are used for almost every aircraft departure. De-icing trucks and other special service vehicles are used to make aircraft safe to fly.


Aviation Ground Service Equipment Accident Analysts

Fusion Engineers have vast experience investigating and analyzing these specialized pieces of ground service equipment, which are periodically involved in accidents. Our accident investigation skills, coupled with our unique knowledge and experience in dealing with ground service equipment, allow us to determine the cause of these accidents. We work with airlines, equipment manufacturers, and third party suppliers to assess issues involving maintenance, usage, training, and environmental factors that may have played a role in causing the accident.