aaron jonesAaron Jones

Aaron Jones is a Principal Engineer at Fusion Engineering, LLC. Mr. Jones is a highly experienced engineer who specializes in failure analysis, engineering analysis, and accident investigation involving engineering materials, systems and components. Examples of his specific expertise include metallurgy and material science, fracture, fatigue, corrosion, design analysis, vehicle engineering, accident investigation, and engineering mechanics. Mr. Jones has also conducted several complex, multidisciplinary failure investigations involving vehicles, aircraft, pressure vessels, boilers and piping, industrial process equipment, machinery, and consumer products

Mr. Jones’ professional activities focus on understanding how applied forces, environment, and material properties influence the performance of engineered components and systems in service. His experience includes engineering failure analysis of automotive equipment, marine equipment, firearms, truck and bus equipment, mining equipment, power generation, plumbing, and several other components and systems. Mr. Jones regularly conducts cause and origin fire investigations on mechanical equipment such as trucks and buses, mining equipment, and agricultural equipment. He also frequently consults with large fleets and manufacturers on maintenance and reliability related topics.