Accident Scene Documentation

Documenting the location, orientation and condition of all of the evidence at a loss scene are of the upmost importance before the scene is disturbed. Significant pieces of evidence are often initially overlooked, and so it is critical to document the scene before anything is moved. Caulfield Engineering is staffed with experienced engineers, scientists, and technicians to complete this documentation with precision. Our staff utilizes a variety of sophisticated tools including a total station, a laser scanner, macro and micro measuring devices, and digital cameras. Once Caulfield Engineering has captured and documented the scene, it is digitally preserved. A digital map of the scene and its evidence is a useful tool in analyzing potential causes of the loss.

Accident Scene Documentation Management

Scenes are often disturbed and only documented with photographs before Caulfield Engineering has been retained. In these situations, our staff can visit the scene and document the control geometry that has not been disturbed. This includes light poles, walls, roadways, and any other fixed object that has not moved after the loss. With this control geometry, Caulfield Engineering can accurately place pieces of evidence that have only been documented by photographs. In addition, our staff can further document important pieces of evidence and digitally place that evidence into the control geometry digital scene.