Product Comparison

Product research and comparison is vital to obtaining a competitive edge in the marketplace. By observing what design characteristics competitive companies include in their products, a manufacturer can determine what features are popular in the marketplace and how competitors address potential hazards.  These concepts can be used as a starting point when devising new designs or design changes.  Fusion Engineering’s scientists and engineers have been exposed to a wide range of products and are intimately familiar with the features of many different product lines.  Using our expertise, Fusion Engineering’s scientists and engineers can effectively deliver a competitive analysis to serve as the basis to drive accelerated innovation.

Marketplace Research Services

Our services for competitor product comparison range from market research and surveys to testing of physical equipment.  Fusion Engineering has an array of sophisticated tools to capture a variety of different physical and operational characteristics of competitor equipment. These tools include microscopes, accelerometers, thermocouples, voltmeters, ammeters, laser scanners, finite element modeling software, and a range of dimensional measuring tools.  Our multi-disciplinary team of engineers, scientists, and technicians can address similarities and difference in materials, mechanical functionality, electrical functionality, and chemical composition of competitor products by analyzing the products themselves and information in the public domain.