Forensic Photogrammetry Analysis

Photogrammetric analysis is the practice of combining mathematics, geometry, and physics to transform perspective imagery into three-dimensional measurements and models. Photogrammetry is used in forensic investigation when images are the only remaining record of a subject, or when direct measurements of a subject are not safely or conveniently obtained. Caulfield Engineering’s scientists, engineers, and technicians are experienced at performing photogrammetric analysis of photo and/or video evidence to obtain vital dimensions for use in technical analyses.  Typical subjects of photogrammetric analysis include busy roadways, biohazard zones, compromised structures, and restricted-access locations, as well as subjects and scenes which have not been preserved.

Examples of media that can be used for photogrammetric analysis:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Broadcast news coverage
  • Stationary surveillance systems installed in buildings
  • Mobile surveillance systems installed in emergency vehicles, trains, buses, etc.