Fracture mechanics and fatigue analysis are essential to understanding the structural performance of real world materials.  Fracture mechanics is the study of the complex stress field around the tip of a crack and can be used to determine if an existing crack will propagate or arrest.  Fatigue analysis is the study of the fracture behavior under repeated cyclic loading. 

Fracture Mechanics & Fatigue Analysis 1Fusion Engineering has the tools and expertise to perform fracture and fatigue analysis on a wide range of materials and applications.  We utilize state of the art tools such as finite element analysis and XFEM, coupled with testing and inspection of physical parts, to provide in-depth solutions to complex problems in the following sub-discipline areas, among others:

  • High cycle fatigue analysis
  • Low cycle fatigue analysis
  • Fracture of rubber and plastic materials
  • Fracture of brittle and ductile materials
  • Fractography and fracture surface analysis